How to Write the Perfect Barista Job Description

Every coffee shop is different, and that’s why hiring a barista is such a personal decision. You need to find someone who can carry out the daily tasks associated with the job, but also someone who fits the culture and approach of your business.

If you’re a small café then you might need someone who can take on additional levels of responsibility quickly. You may need them to open or close the coffee shop, order stock, or look after the café in your absence.

In a larger venue you might need a good multitasker and someone who is used to dealing with hundreds of customers in a fast-paced environment.

In order for your coffee shop to be successful you’ll need to have a talented team of staff, and to attract the best candidates you’ll need to write the perfect barista job description. Keep reading for advice on listing barista duties and responsibilities, what you should be looking for when hiring, and a sample barista job description you can adapt for your needs.

Looking to find out more about a barista’s duties and responsibilities? Here’s your guide.

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The key experience you should be looking for in a barista

If you want to hire a barista it isn’t always necessary for them to have any barista skills or experience. Similarly, you may not need to have minimum education requirements to hire a member of service staff in your local coffee shop.

Typically, there will be no basic education requirement, although you may want to consider someone with good mental arithmetic, particularly if they will be handling cash.

In terms of experience, while previous barista work may not be essential as they can train on their job, you may want to consider someone whose previous work experience includes:

  • customer service
  • food or drink service or preparation
  • multi-tasking or working in a busy environment
  • working as part of a team.

Outlining the benefits of your business

When you’re hiring a barista, you need to outline the skills and experience that you’re looking for in a potential employee.

To attract the best candidates, you’ll also need to ‘sell’ your coffee shop by providing reasons why a barista should come and work for you.

Here are some reasons you might want to include.

Working hours

How many hours will you expect your barista to work? 

If you offer part-time hours, then you may attract a wider bank of candidates looking to fit work around other commitments such as study or childcare. 

Full-time hours – typically a 6 to 8 hour shift – may attract candidates who are looking to develop their career as a barista.

You’ll need to identify what sort of shift patterns you’ll expect your baristas to work, and whether they have to work early mornings, late evenings, and weekends.


When hiring a barista, you’ll need to advertise what rate of pay is on offer. You’ll need to decide whether you’re prepared to pay above average in order to attract candidates, or whether you want to offer less and train up a less experienced person.

As well as salary you’ll need to decide whether you’ll offer any other financial incentives:

  • Will you pay an enhanced rate for overtime, or evening/weekend shifts?
  • Do your baristas keep their tips? If so, how are tips divided?
  • Do you offer any bonus or profit share based on the barista’s performance or the overall profitability of your business?

Type of contract

You’ll need to decide whether you want to offer your new barista a permanent or a temporary contract. 

A permanent contract will encourage candidates who want to develop a career in the industry, while temporary contracts can be more flexible for both you and your employee.

Your business

To attract the best candidates, it’s important that you really ‘sell’ the benefits of working for your establishment. These might include:

  • Are you a well-known employer? Will candidates be proud working for a respected company? 
  • Do you offer career progression? Will a barista have a chance to learn new skills and progress into a more senior position – either at your location or elsewhere in your business?
  • Is your coffee shop conveniently located? If it’s easy to get to – perhaps by public transport – then you may attract a broader range of candidates.

How to write a great barista job description

There are four steps to writing a great barista job description.

1. Job title

It is generally recommended that you keep the job title as simple as you can to draw the most attention from potential employees.

Something like ‘barista’ or ‘senior barista’ is generally enough.

2. Describe the job

You should start this section by describing your café and the role you want the new employee to play. Describe the sort of traits you want the person to have, and how having these skills mean they will fit in well with your team.

By outlining exactly what the job entails and the skills and qualities you’re looking for, you’ll help a candidate to decide if they think that this is the right job for them.

3. Summary of responsibilities

Here you will list some of the main duties that you’ll expect your barista to perform, as well as some of their key responsibilities. Cover the main tasks you’re expecting your new employee to undertake.

This may be a bullet point list outlining the main details of the job.

4. Skills, education or experience required

If you have any specific requirements in terms of education, experience or qualifications, you can outline them in this section. 

You can also highlight any key personality traits you’d like the person to have, and any technical skills you’d like.

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Sample barista job description

Now you have worked out exactly what the main duties and responsibilities of the job are, and the type of person you are looking for, you can begin to write your job description. 

Here’s an example. Feel free to use this as a template and to adapt it for the specific requirements of your coffee shop!

Wanted: Barista

Local, popular coffee shop needs a reliable, friendly and customer-focused barista to join their team. If you enjoy being part of a team, serving customers and working in a fast-paced environment, we can teach you the technical skills! The successful candidate will be responsible for providing a first-class service to customers, keeping the shop clean, tidy and well-stocked, and making delicious food and drinks.

About us

We’re a small chain of coffee shops with 6 locations in a 10-mile radius. You’ll benefit from a starting salary of $10.23/hour and a split of all tips received. You’ll also have loads of opportunities for career development at our various locations.

We’re looking for someone on a permanent contract. We invest in our staff and so if you’re ambitious and want to learn technical barista skills, we’ll support your development.

Responsibilities include:

  • Serving customers
  • Preparing food and drinks accurately and to a high standard
  • Giving advice and guidance to customers when needed
  • Cleaning equipment, and work and public areas
  • Restocking the display
  • Checking stock levels and ordering stock when needed
  • Cash handling and ensuring all sales are processed accurately through POS system

Skills, experience and education required:

  • Previous experience of working in a busy customer service environment
  • Professional in terms of appearance and approach
  • Familiarity with handling cash or using POS systems
  • Flexibility to work different shifts, including weekends
  • Ability to multitask, with a good attention to detail
  • Ability to work closely with our existing team
  • High school diploma preferred
  • A positive, can-do attitude with the ability to learn