Cafe Jobs in Glasgow

Given how popular cafés have become in the new millennium, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that how many there are available regardless of the city you live in.  And this is no different in Glasgow.

Coffee shops have in fact become so popular in Glasgow that there are numerous articles outlining some of the best.  Whether you want to meet with your fellow work colleagues or catch up with old friends, the humble coffee shop is often the venue of choice due to its relaxing and calming ambience, as well as fantastic smells.

What Skills Do You Need?

Whether you’re looking for a café job on a part time basis or wish to establish a new career, there are always roles available that can offer great pay and excellent working conditions.  Companies advertising such jobs will often provide training when you start your role, but it does help to have some skills at your disposal.

Being great with people is one of the most important skills, as dealing with customers will often be a huge part of your role. Attention to detail is also important, as there can be instances where the café will become busy, and not paying attention could mean that customers don’t receive what they ordered.

It also helps to be a team player. Coffee shops can become a little overwhelmed during peak times, and not working as a team could mean that orders take longer to fulfil.

Making an Application for Barista Jobs in Glasgow

If using the Internet to search for job vacancies, it’s important to ensure that you apply to the right companies and you’re given a full breakdown of the role available.  If you find that some platforms withhold important information relevant to the position, then it may be worth looking elsewhere.  

Once you’ve decided you would like to be a barista or work in café, you’ll probably want to get started on making some applications.  MeetYourBarista is an online platform centred exclusively on jobs within the coffee industry, making it an ideal starting point in your search.  Whether you’re looking for a position while you attend university, or you’re looking for something to broaden your horizons, start your search here today and we’ll help you find a job with a good hourly rate and hours that suit you.