London Coffee Jobs

Coffee is popular for many reasons, and although it may seem like a relatively new trend, the coffee bean has been enjoyed as far back as 800 AD, when monks were said to have discovered the alertness it had to offer after adding it to hot water. Not only can it be the ideal start to the day, the many varieties on offer mean that there is something for everyone.

The United Kingdom has adopted the love of coffee, consuming a staggering 95 million cups of it every day.   Ever since the first coffeehouse was opened in Cornhill by Pasqua Roseé in 1652, London has become one of the coffee capitals of the world, and for many a caffeine boost is a daily ritual.

With such a thriving industry, it goes without saying that there is no shortage of openings for barista and coffee jobs in London, whether you’re looking for a managerial job or a barista job which requires no experience. The average salary for a Barista in London is £8.59 per hour, and you’ll find plenty of cafés hiring in areas such as the City, West End & Covent Garden, and Shoreditch.

Why Search for London Coffee Jobs? 

More and more people who have found coffee jobs in London are encouraging their friends to apply, and this can be attributed to the great working environment and the amazing people you get to meet every day.  It’s common for many cafés to have competitive pay rates, as well as offer the opportunity to advance within the company.

You’ll also get to learn a lot about your favourite beverages. For example, did you know that the famous cappuccino is derived from the fact the drink emulates the brown cowls worn by Capuchin monks?

What Skills Do You Need? 

When applying for café jobs in London, you will need to ensure that you have the skills necessary to carry out the role.  Don’t worry, you can become a barista even if you don’t have experience, but having some key skills to hand will ensure that the transition is easier.

One of the most important skills is excellent customer service. For the most part, dealing with customers is an absolute joy, but there can be instances where a customer isn’t happy with the service provided.  Although this can be stressful, having good customer service skills often means that the situation is diffused and rectified quickly.

Recognising sales opportunities can be another valuable skill.  Although customers should never be pressurised when making a purchase, there’s certainly nothing wrong in recommending things you think the customer will enjoy.

It’s also important to have good attention to detail.  It’s easy to become confused should you suddenly receive a flurry of orders, but staying calm and focussed will eliminate the likelihood of incorrect orders.

How to Apply for London Barista Jobs 

When looking for barista jobs in London, it’s important that you’re using the right platforms in your search.  Although many online job listings will be from legitimate companies, there may be some operators who take advantage of applicants, such as asking for unpaid work to be carried out.

Ensuring you use a reputable and dedicated platform that lists all the details of the position ensures that you’re not only getting the role you want, but you’re also getting paid the right amount for all your hard work.

If you’re searching for your next barista job, then why not view the available positions currently listed at, an online platform dedicated to helping you find your next coffee job in London.